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Headspace at FACT

Creative Alternatives visited the Headspace exhibition at FACT, Liverpool. We toured the building, exploring its displays before entering the Headspace box to have our heads photographed for the craniofacial database of the project which is run by Alderhey Childrens Hospital. Former Creative Alternatives participant Rachel Duerden became head 1000! 

Following engagement with the exhibition's themes, we facilitated an expressive arts and mindfulness workshop, exploring the psychological significance of the head. The workshop raised such questions as "Where is your mind?" and "Where do your thoughts come from?" - a lively discussion ensued, in which participants bounced ideas and associations. The discussion was followed by a mindfulness body scan exercise, focusing on our physical sensations of the head, tracking felt sense, touch, smell, taste and audio-visual stimuli from the environment. The participants then tried to capture their experiences on paper, the results were displayed as part of the Headspace exhibition at FACT.     

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